Radio Systemsí Millenium Broadcast Consoles are a superb value. Thousands of RS Series Consoles have been sold since they were introduced 15 years ago, and today the Millenium Series carries on this tradition with enhanced capabilities and dramatic new styling. Take a hard look at Millenium broadcast consoles. They offer a dazzling combination of superb specifications, sleek modern styling and a wide range of features all at unexpectedly low prices!
Ethernet makes so much sense for audio! Because it's already the one indisputable standard for networking. And that's why Millenium Digital consoles are coming on board to Livewire. Livewire turns standard off-the-shelf Ethernet hardward into a high-definition IP audio network.

Now this tradition of shared standards and plug-and-play compatibility for the broadcast industry takes another important step forward with Radio Systems consoles that offer both stand-alone functionality and Livewire IP-Audio network connectivity. And because its STANDARD - Millenium consoles now also communicate with any Axia device or any Livewire-enabled product from this growing list of manufacturers.

With Millenium Livewire consoles you can input local studio audio AND share audio between consoles or playback iPlay equipped digital delivery systems - with no additional hardware! For remote analog or digital I/O add any number of Axia Livewire nodes. Finally, use any Windows PC to run iPlay or PathfinderPC software for system configuration or Windows Media local audio playback.
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